I often come across different reviews on lush bath bombs, which are actually just awesome. As far as I am concerned they cost about 8 dollars for an item, but what if trying to make one by yourself ? 100% natural, 100% useful and 10 times cheaper.
There are tons of different recipes in the web, I will share one I tried and satisfied with the result.
There are three basic ingredients of homemade bath bombs: baking soda, lemon acid and sea salt . Of course it is not enough if we want to get beneficial, cool smelling product. So, we need to add besides basic ingredients: basic oil, essential oil , some pigment may be (not obligatory), and kaolin clay (or dry milk ) . Another very important moment : we need to add some water using spray. I won’t tell you the precise quantity, but you should spray water onto the mix until it’s consistency reminds WET SAND and the mix becomes flexible to obtain a certain form. Just remember when you was a child and used to play with wet sand making “cakes” 🙂 WET SAND consistency is the secret, otherwise the bombs will fail. If you add too much water, the reaction will begin early. If you don’t add enough water, the reaction won’t start at all. Just remember – WET SAND 🙂
The bombs will be ready in 3-4 hours ( my personal experience). Mine were hard like stones, rather heavy and were fizzing very well. You can experiment with different oils and colors.


Here are the ingredients I used for Strawberry Bath Bombs:

Baking soda               – 10 tablespoons
Citric acid                   – 5 tablespoons
Sea salt                        – 2 tablespoons
Food coloring ( I used pink pigment ), depends on what color you want to get
Strawberry Essence – about 20 drops
Olive Oil                      – 1 teaspoon 
Dry milk                      – 1 tablespoon
Glass container where you will mix all this
Gloves obligatory!
Forms for bombs ( I used silicone ones I use for soap making ) + Water Spray

Mix baking soda + citric acid + sea salt + dry milk. Add olive oil and pink pigment. At the very end add strawberry essence, mix very properly, preferably with wooden stick until the substance becomes homogeneous. It’s time for water spray, please use that WET SAND rule finally 🙂 Place the substance very tightly into forms and wait 4-6 hours.

that's how the mix should look like

I used silicon molds for soap making to make my bath bombs, it is a perfect solution for noobs, lol, they won’t lose form unlike those cunning ones in sphere forms do.

Thanx for having read this!