Coconut oil                  – 1/3 teaspoons
Grind Coffee               – 1,5 teaspoons
Soap base – 100g or 3.5oz
Coffee essence (not obligatory, just  to emphasize pleasant smell ) – few drops
Excellent scrubbing properties of coffee are known all over the world. This soap can be used instead of a scrub, moreover, I think it exfoliates better than any scrub.
However, you need to cut the soap base into similar cubes.

It is very important to make them melt all evenly. Avoid boiling! Boiled soap base loses all beneficial properties, the soap will be spoiled instantly. As soon as you made sure the soap base is liquid, and does not have lumps, we can start adding other ingredients. Add the basic oil ( coconut oil has right consistency at the room temperature ) , pour in coffee and stir all the time.

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Wooden stick would be perfect for stirring. Add the essence at the very end, otherwise it will just evaporate.


Pour the mix into molds, do it rather quickly to avoid hardening of the soap. Spray the surface with alcohol.