The winter is almost over, and I decided to write a post about winter home decor idea 🙂 But I will definitely repeat it during all the year, cos result is stunning!

Nice home decor idea I found in the web. Looks great, smells even greater! Extremely easy to make,doesn’t  require any particular skills (as the most of my recipes, huh) .

What you need:

  • Oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruits – you can choose what you prefer most. I noticed that oranges dry better than lemons, lemons tend to be burnt in the oven 😦
  • Knife, pan, baking paper, oven


1.Wash the citruses very properly.

2. Cut them into 5 mm slices.

3. Put them onto baking paper and switch on the oven 🙂 You need to dry them at 50-60 C during 5-8 hours (depends on your oven). Please turn over the slices every 30-60 mins.

What for?

  • Add them to a tea.
  • Make a citrus water ( put a slice/few slices into a glass of water or MyBottle ).
  • Make a citrus ice cubes. Add slices and water to a container for ice and put all this into a fridge.
  • Make tea mixes ( chop the slices into small cubes and add to your fav tea, preferably black tea ).
  • Decorate your house or kitchen, you will fill the room with awesome smell.