I understand that mint products would be more actual in summer, but still I wanted to make some in December, why not 🙂

Starting from a soap, I have to say we need a good soap base, again. It is available at every store dedicated to soap making, I guess. Cut it into similar cubes, 1cm*1cm approximately.

Have a microwave? Great. Place the cut cubes into it and wait before they melt, don’t let them BOIL! It is very important, otherwise the soap will lose all it’s beneficial properties. Then let’s start adding other ingredients, very quickly and please stir them all the time, as the soap  wants to harden every time, we can’t afford it. After having mixed everything, pour into a mold ( you don’t have to use a special one, it can be even an empty and clean pack from a juice ). Spray id down with alcohol to avoid bubbles on the surface.


As for the scrub, I though one with sea salt and coconut oil will be pretty good. Green pigment isn’t obligatory, but I wanted to receive that tender mint color, so I used it 🙂

Ingredients for a Mint Scrub:

  • Sea Salt                                     1 cup
  • Coconut Oil                             1/2 cup
  • Peppermint Essential Oil   5-9 drops
  • Green Pigment                      2-3 drops

Just mix all this properly 🙂

And the result is :


Thanks for having read this 🙂 🙂