I decided to upgrade my previous recipe of homemade scrub (  https://sonicesoap.com/2016/05/10/diy-homemade-strawberry-body-scrub/ ) , adding brown sugar in place of ordinary white and using  Lavender essential oil to make it more fragrant, effective and useful. However, the recipe is very simple.

So, there are three Basic components of Lavender Sugar Scrub:

  • Coconut Oil ( melt it )   – 2/3 cup 
  • Brown ( Cane ) Sugar    – 1 cup
  • Lavender Essential Oil  – 5-10 drops
  • Lavender Seeds for decoration – as you want


However, you can substitute Lavender Essential Oil with any other. Adding a few drops of Orange Oil upbrings very strong anti-cellulite effect, for example. I like the smell given by combination of Lavender and Sugar, it’s hard to explain, but it’s really magic.

The effect from adding Cane Sugar is fantastic, I think I won’t come again using White Sugar. Moreover, this scrub is suitable for face, too, and doesn’t requier applying any creme after using, as Coconut Oil nourishes skin very well without overdrying it.

At the moment this is my favorite scrub, excellent exfoliator and humidifier due to Coconut Oil, it makes skin veeery soft and moistened.

P.S. You can make creamy consistence of the Scrub using blender. Just mix Oil, Sugar and other ingredients, if you want, and chop them with blender.

P.P.S. Be careful not to eat it all 🙂 And even don’t try to leak your finger as it’s very tasty ( I warned you 🙂

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