Hello hi 🙂

If I only knew  that natural scrub making could be so easy , I’d make one earlier 🙂

My first scrub is very simple, I’d say even primitive . The basic components of any homemade body scrub are Oil and Sugar. You may choose by yourself what kind of Oil and what kind of sugar to take for your future scrub, I just prefered a Coconut Oil + White Sugar ( you may use Cane Sugar or Brown Sugar , which is even better , I think ) .

Mix Oil and Sugar till it resembles a real scrub , lol. As I used a Coconut Oil, I just melted it in a microwave. Than add few drops of Pink (Red) Pigment and Strawberry Essence . That’s all 🙂

Ingredient Proportions 

  • Coconut Oil                – 4 teaspoons
  • Sugar                            – 4 teaspoons
  • Pink (Red) Pigment – few drops
  • Strawberry Essence – few drops

You don’t need to buy all those expensive natural organic body scrubs you can see in the malls any more, homemade scrubs are more useful ( as they don’t contain any conservants ) and cost less than a dollar.