Seems like here’s another favorite soap recipe of mine 🙂 It looks very girlish, smells so sweet and is able to decorate any bathroom easily.

I used both soap bases this time, Goat Milk for one and Argan Oil for another. You can use any you like.

Little bit about our oils . I used Jojoba Oil for the soap from Goat Milk Base, it is great natural skin conditioner and moisturizer, it has excellent anti-aging properties, controls oily skin as well and prevents acne. Jojoba oil also reduces effects of sunburn, relieving painful inflamations on the skin. It is packed with  vitamin E, B-complex, copper, zinc, selenium, iodine, and chromium.

Argan Oil Soap base contains Argan Oil  which is a very nutritious moisturizer perfect to be used before going to sleep. It tones and exfoliates the skin greatly, fights acne and stretch marks . It is rich with vitamins A and E, tocopherols, powerful antioxidants that are vital for healthy skin and hair; high levels of carotenes, phenolic acid, squalene and phenols also contribute to the oil’s cosmetic value.

I decided to decorate the soap with Poppy seeds 🙂 Please don’t forget to use Alcohol Spray after pouring the liquid soap into a mold.

Ingredient Proportions 

  • Soap Base       – 100 g or 3,5oz
  • Jojoba Oil    – 1/3 teaspoon
  • Strawberry Essence – 4-6 drops
  • Pink Pigment – 1/3 teaspoon ( but you may add more or less if you want )
  • Alcohol Spray to prevent bubbles on the surface
  • Poppy Seeds for decoration – as you want

The process you already know 🙂 Cut the soap base into small chunks ( 1*1 cm approximately ) , melt it in the microwave, add ingredients , stirring all the time. Spray the surface with the Alcohol Spray and decorate the soap with the seeds. Let it harden during 30-60 min.