Inspired by the approaching spring, this time I decided to make a soap with my mom’s favorite fragrance which reminds me our summer vacations by the sea so much 🙂 I decided not to overload it with essential oils, but use Kaolin Clay and Wheat Germ Oil which is famous for it’s unique nutritious qualities ( look what Wikipedia says about it ).

Wheat Germ Oil has age defying properties, softens and moisturizes the skin, it is also rich in vitamins A, B, D, and E, it is the best oil to support collagen production, it is excellent protection from free radicals, too.

Green Clay owes it’s color to decomposed plant material and iron oxide . It absorbs oil and gently exfoliates the skin what actually makes it perfect for oily skin.

Blue Clay contains a number of minerals , it is considered to be the most potent of all medicinal clays ! It is rich with trace minerals known for very high ability to absorb and adsorb.

As for the soap base I used this time I decided to mix three of them 🙂 I used Goat Milk Soap Base, Glycerine Soap Base and Argan Oil Soap Base.

Ingredient Proportions 

  • Soap Base       – 100 g or 3,5oz
  • Wheat Germ Oil    – 1/3 teaspoon
  • Blue Clay – 0,5 -1,5 teaspoon
  • Green Clay – 0,5 -1,5 teaspoon 
  • Eau de Toilette – I used to spray the soap to prevent bubbles on the surface and a few drops into the very soap


The soap making process doesn’t differ from the previous ones this time. Besides the fact I didn’t use alcohol spray but the Eau de Toilette. As usual, we need to cut the base into small cubes, melt it ( I always use microwave ) and look attentively not to let it boil, otherwise we’ll kill all the useful components in it. Add Wheat Germ Oil and don’t forget to stir our already liquid base. Add Clays and stir. Pour the mixture into a mold. Spray with your favorite perfume and leave it for 30-60 mins till it hardens.

Hope you enjoy it 😉